Sanique S-1 MkII.

Electrostatic Sanitising Disinfectant Sprayer - IN STOCK NOW

Sanique S-1 MkII

Theoretical Coverage - Up To 350m²
Tank Capacity - 1.2 ltr Standard
Spray Pattern - Full cone
Nozzle Sizes - 0.3(40µm)/0.8 mm(100µm+)
Power Supply - 14.8 volt Li-on battery/2500 mAh
Battery Run Time - Approx 6-8 hours
Dimensions (mm) - 393(L) x 243(H) x 108(W)
Weight Without Battery - 1.6 kg
Weight Including Battery - 1.7 kg
Weight RTU - 2.7 kg
Warranty - 12 Months

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The S-1 MkII is a professional electrostatic sanitising disinfectant sprayer that uses the principle of electrostatic induction to distribute sanitising and disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly across a variety of surfaces for efficient, quick and effective sanitisation.

The upgraded ergonomic design of the S-1 MkII professional electrostatic sanitising disinfectant sprayer coupled with its light weight ensures that it remains comfortable to hold over extended periods of time, a very important feature, given that the lithium battery power source has a run time of several hours giving you the capability to sanitise very large areas on the one battery.

With a spray pattern that can be adjusted the S-1 MkII professional electrostatic sanitising disinfectant sprayer is suitable for a large number of applications using various sanitising solutions. The S-1 MkII atomises the solution to such a degree that it becomes a mist spray - extremely small and light droplets. Through the electrostatic charge generated in the sprayer these micro droplets are drawn towards the targeted surfaces and, as they lay down they create a sanitizing coating which effectively reaches almost every point of the area to be treated.

The S-1 MkII electrostatic sanitising disinfectant sprayer is a professional sprayer with a rugged construction.  Each sprayer comes complete with a hard protective case, three nozzles, large 1.2ltr fluid container, two high capacity lithium batteries, battery charger and universal worldwide power adapter.  This comprehensive package has everything you need – accept the chemical – to start sanitising and disinfecting right out of the box and the two batteries means you will never have to stop and wait for your battery to charge avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Industry Know How
Always wash out your pump after every use and run Q-Tector through to maintain its high performance
Be careful to fully agitate carbonated disinfectant solutions so that no bubbles remain prior to spraying
Ensure concentrate solutions are mixed to the correct proportions for safe use
Speak to one of our team for advice and recommendation on the different tips
Directed, touch point sanitising is more effective than general fogging
Ensure that you use the correct PPE in line with the manufacturers recommendations for each chemical used
Spray sanitising is generally anything above 30µm, atomised spray below this is normally referred to as fogging

Slide We recently bought a number of Sanique S3's for our business and we couldn't be happier. Everything from the enquiry to the purchase has been great. The product is fantastic, easy to use and the team love it! George O'Malley Slide Really happy with the SANIQUE sprayer. My husband and I own a gym and so it gives us and the members the confidence that the gym is safe - quick and effective disinfecting of equipment, weight and flooring. Emily Wilkinson Slide Great product, great service. Would highly recommend Jo Slide Very prompt service with good quality 👌 Graham

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